Courchesne-Fortin A.-G. Inc.: a Leader in the Outaouais Region

Operating in the Outaouais region for over 30 years, Courchesne-Fortin A.-G. Inc. guarantees you fast, reliable and personalized service. For your residential, commercial and industrial projects, trust a team of experienced experts! Courchesne-Fortin A.-G. Inc. is a member of the Association of Land Surveyors of Canada and the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec, which is of the same value at the provincial level. Our work is governed by one or the other, depending on the location of the property or the type of mandate, which ensures that you will always get reliable results as quickly as possible, whatever your request.


Canada Lands Surveyor

The fields of practice defined by this accreditation include hydrography, geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, planning and approval processes, and legal surveys on federal lands across Canada, such as Crown Lands and Indian Reserves. Please contact us for more information!

Our Team

Land Surveyor
Michel Fortin - Land Surveyor, Canada Lands Surveyor

Field Technicians


Claude Cardinal

Duane Casselman

Carlos Payes

Technical Team

Mathieu Poulin

Précieuse Umuhoza

Arnould Jr. Fièvre

Administrative Team


Lise Morin

Judith Chouinard

Stéphanie Demers

Jacynthe Robichaud

Registrar (complete or partial)

Alain Courchesne

Mathieu Fortin (minutes 1 to 2306)

Frédérick Vincent (minutes 1 to 177)

Louis-Jules Grégoire

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When buying or selling a property, a land surveyor is an indispensable tool.